Analyzing Dzek tale strikes a deal, already gave one interpretation of the episode, in which Dzek lies unmoving on the bed next to his fiancee, on another plan, this lack of interest in sex princess symbolizes the hero’s anxiety. The apparent emotional indifference is actually a vacuum created after the suppression of feelings. Thus, suppression must be eliminated, otherwise the character will not reach happiness in marriage, which will not be possible if the sexual relationship will not bring full satisfaction of the spouses. valory irene video “The Tale of one such, who traveled the world to know fear” Some of the tales show that we need is the ability to feel fear. The hero is able to emerge unscathed of the adventures on which włos bristles on the head, and he suffers from the slightest concern, but life can provide the satisfaction of him to start only when it becomes able to return to live out of fear. In a few tales from the beginning of the hero realizes that the fact that nothing can frighten him, you kind of disability. That is precisely the tale of one such, who traveled the world to learn about fear from the collection of the Brothers Grimm. The hero’s father tells him that he should finally learn something, to be able to earn his bread.